TOSCANO 100% imported from Italy

Material selection:

Black walnut - Hermes in the wood · 50 years old

Even if there is a box of jewelry, it is not as good as ebony. It is a symbol of Western wood culture, which has experienced the change of times and the passage of time.

The color of the material is elegant, the wood grain is exquisite and charming, and the paint and dyeing are durable; it is not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, and deformation; but the toughness is poor, the compression resistance is average, and it needs careful protection.

quality teak

The world's precious wood is comfortable to the touch. It has been used for hundreds of years in the construction of high-end residences. It will not rot for a hundred years, beautiful and warm, and has a very comfortable foot feel.

Premium Oak

Gift of nature, mountain-shaped texture, pure wood color, vertical solid, good toughness, beautiful processing shape; bright wood grain, good texture; not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, but difficult to process.

Cooperation Case:

Versailles, France

Buckingham Palace, UK

Russian Kremlin

Coya Restaurant in Dubai

Enoteca Pinchiorri Restaurant

Sanlorenzo Yachting

Hilton Papua New Guinea Star Hill Plaza

Singapore Concept Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel London

Radisson Hotel Group

International big name)



Alexander McQUEEN



GEOX Milan Flagship Store

Pierrington Boutique


Shanghai Langmu New Materials

A piece of nature, a piece of ingenuity. The original intention has remained unchanged for 15 years. It is an innovative leading brand in the field of solid wood multi-layer flooring.